Why i cant find a job?

By 17 Sep, 2020 Career Tips

Rejection in the selection of organizations is an integral part of job search. Sometimes this is not very clear and it is not clear why that organization rejected you.

You may apply for many organizations and participate in many interviews, but they will not be notified and you will not receive any calls!

If you are very lucky, you may receive an email from the organization stating that you have not been accepted. But otherwise you can never know where the problem is and why organizations reject you.

Sometimes your job interviews go very well and you answer the interviewer’s technical and psychological questions very well, but you still can’t find a job! But what is the reason for this?

9 main reasons why you are not invited to job interviews!

1. Are you eligible for that job? How well do your records and abilities match the employment conditions in that job? In a competitive job market, only job-seekers who have exactly the job requirements will be invited for a job interview.

2. Have you fully completed the application process? Have you provided all the information you need to apply for a job?

3. Have you made a mistake in registering for a job application? Did you write all the resume job history dates correctly? Haven’t you forgotten the essential information you need to fill out in the application form?

Some employers check the accuracy of job information and resume records before inviting job seekers for interviews; That is why it is recommended that you enter all of your job history dates with full accuracy and without any errors.

4. Have you set a goal for your resume? Does your resume show the skills and abilities associated with the job you are applying for? Is your value proposition in past work, past projects, internships, or even your academic projects?

5. Is your resume well organized? The purpose of organizing a resume is to prioritize the information based on its importance and relevance to the job you are looking for.
The more important and valuable the information, the higher the resume form.

6. Does the text of the email you sent to the company fully indicate the requirements of that job? Did you make it clear that you have the skills, experience, and knowledge to get the job?

7. Are all your application documents written without error and well? Have you asked others to review and correct your resume and text request?

8. Have you used your links enough? Have you been able to find someone in that collection who has useful words and tips for you?

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9. What will the managers of previous organizations say? If you send documents and information (from your previous jobs and projects) to this organization, be sure to prepare them in a way that does not contradict the words of your previous managers!

9 Main reasons why you won’t be contacted following a job interview!

Sometimes good job interviews don’t work. Sometimes you may make the wrong job interview at the cost of losing a second job interview and reaching that job position!

Sometimes your job interview may go very well, but the job interview of other job seekers is better than yours and is a better job for that job!

Here are some reasons why you are not finding a job.

1. Did you have the right cover? Did the clothes you wore fit the organization’s culture? Some organizations, such as startups, do not have a very formal space and do not have to go to work in a suit. But suppose you want to go to a bank interview. Wearing a T-shirt and jeans has nothing to do with the organizational culture of a bank and can easily ruin your interview.

2. Did you get a job interview on time and did you treat everyone you met well? These tips are very important for the employer. So be sure to be punctual and come to the organization on time. Also, be sure to treat anyone you meet with respect from the beginning.

Do not look at the position of people at all and treat the security guard of the company well. Some executives will ask everyone in the company about the new forces. Sometimes your bad behavior with the company’s service staff may end up being removed from your list of job applicants.

3. Have you shown your passion for employment and activity in that position? Under equal conditions, the employer will attract a force that is more motivated to work in that job and that company.

4. Have you researched the organization? Get as much information about the organization as you can. Look for their social media pages on the organization’s website, and see what others have to say about them.

Know their achievements and fields of work well to show the employer that you have chosen this organization with awareness and knowledge.

5. Are you ready for a job interview? Be sure to review common interview questions and practice them out loud. When you go to a job interview, your focus is reduced due to the stress and pressure of the job interview, and you may not be able to properly answer the interviewer’s routine questions.

But if you have already practiced this question and the routine answers, you can easily answer such questions immediately.

6. Have you been able to communicate well with interviewers?

7. Have you been able to show your self-confidence to the employer properly?

8. Have you acted like you want to go to other interviews after an interview, or have you chosen that particular company and are very serious about getting hired and don’t want to go to another interview?

9. Have you been able to convince the employer that you are a good job by giving specific examples of your previous jobs and achievements in those jobs?

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