Last Modified: 15-August-2020 

www.job.ngo job portal website does not endorse any non-profit organisations, Job Recruitment Agencies, Charities, Governments, For-Profits Organisations, Private Companies and their products and services listed on the website.​

Only recruiters, work seekers, advertisers and other website users should consider all the material published on this website as an data resource. We are not liable for any misrepresentation or precision of such employment, goods and services or external connections from this page. In addition, we do not ensure or ensure that work seekers will be provided with any kind of employment.​

It is recommended that users of this website be careful about the validity of the employment, particularly if any organization asks for any charges, financial deposit or investment as part of their recruitment process.

If you discover any data error or misrepresentation, or copyright issues kindly write to us at: info@job.ngo

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