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What are the best ngos to work for?

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Top 10 NGOs offering entry level NGO jobs Worldwide

It’s not easy to secure a human rights job with an international non-governmental organization (NGO). For many individuals, before applying for a senior position with an International NGO, the career path requires years of working for a local NGO.

Nevertheless, on a daily basis, several International human rights organizations offer incredible entry level jobs. This suggests that these major organizations, too, look forward to recruiting early career human rights practitioners so that they can make meaningful improvements in our communities by using their experience, expertise, and ambition.

Here are 10 international human rights organization (INGOs) that regularly search for early career professionals.

1- Save the Children

Save the Children is an international NGO operating in hundreds of countries across the globe when it comes to child protection and children’s rights. The online platforms of the Organization list a number of employment opportunities, including internships and vacancies at the entry level. Via Save the Children’s US and foreign websites, candidates will search for the most appropriate positions.

Positions such as Project Assistant or Human Rights Assistant require merely two years of work experience. Save the Children employs both national and international staff in countries where the organization has a presence. Typically, there are several entry level positions advertised at any given moment.

Save the Children often advertises paid internships periodically, which usually last for 6-12 months. Applicants should have a valid Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree to be eligible, and no professional experience is required.

2- International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is an international NGO that responds to some of the world’s most severe human rights problems, helping to stabilize nations and societies, restore communities and resettle refugees. It provides a number of entry-level human rights and humanitarian job opportunities in more than 40 countries around the world. For example, to work as an Officer for IRC typically allows potential applicants to have just 1 – 2 years of appropriate job experience.

Also, Both in the U.S. and abroad, it is also possible to join IRC as an intern or a fellow. Some of these positions are posted on the official Job board, while others, are reserved for particular institutions such ass Princeton and Harvard.

3- Oxfam

Is one of the worldwide reform movement. This multinational organization cooperates with thousands of member organizations to combat world hunger and inequality. Applicants can apply for a position within the International Secretariat, which may be in Oxford, the United States, Brussels, and many other locations.  The online job board of Oxfam helps applicants to choose a suitable degree and type of job, such as internships or entry level, but there are few vacancies advertised usually on their online job board.

For example, Oxfam affiliates actively search for young human rights practitioners to fill roles in a number of conflict places in the world, such as Project Assistant, which may take as little as one year of appropriate work experience.

4- Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch, renowned for its inspiring human rights-related work, hires thousands of staff in its worldwide offices. The organization describes its openings generally as Professional/Managerial, Early Career, Fellowship, and Internship/Volunteering. On their online job board anyone will easily find open vacancies appropriate for their professional experience. Requirements for associate positions hiring local or national workers, for example, include a related bachelor’s degree and at least one or two years of professional experience.

5- Human Rights First

Human Rights First is an advocacy and action Organization created by the United States committed to inspiring positive reforms for the advancement of human rights. This non-governmental organization, renowned for its work with refugees and migrants, frequently hires interns and early career professionals to work in the fields of refugee security, refugee representation, communications, and other areas. Legal Fellows are also needed to assist Human Rights First in the United States, who are expected to have some related professional experience. On the organization’s website, these and other exciting positions are posted regularly.

6- Amnesty International

Amnesty International has one of the most global and articulated human rights organisations in the world, monitoring human rights records and making effective progress in the area of human rights in hundreds of countries. This International Non organization (NGO) recruit human rights practitioners annually to work in one of their many foreign offices. Their Vacancies are usually classified as Global Fundraising and Participation, Global Operations, International Law and Policy, People and Services and Research. On the job board, human rights practitioners can regularly find a number of entry level positions. Early career human rights professionals can join as Campaigners, Researchers, Communication officers, or Coordinators with as some couple of years of related experience.

7- The Association of Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)

AWID is a leading international women’s rights organization that has worked tirelessly to achieve gender equality and sustainable development for decades. The organization carries out meaningful human rights work in North America, the United States and Canada, as well as internationally. Prospective candidates can apply for positions involving fieldwork, monitoring and evaluation, campaigning or legal work. While a considerable amount of relevant work experience is needed for some more senior positions, AWID also routinely looks for coordinators and officers who have some previous work experience in the sector and a working knowledge of the environment in which they will work, which opens doors for many early career professionals.

These jobs, advertised on AWID’s website, are often a part of joint projects with organizations such as IRC. AWID also provides paid internships for applicants with at least one year of professional experience. AWID also offers paid internships for candidates who have a minimum of one year professional experience.

8-Front Line Defenders

Freedom House employs human rights experts both domestically, in its offices in New York or Washington, DC, and globally, in countries such as Ukraine and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as one of the world’s most prominent organizations promoting democratic principles and reform. Interested candidates may serve as Assistants, Monitoring and Assessment Specialists, Proposal Coordinators, or Program Associates in various ways to support the organization’s work. On the jobs board of Freedom House, domestic and foreign early career prospects are advertised. Entry level roles such as Project Assistant require the employee to have a Bachelor’s degree and two years of applicable job experience that are desirable.

9- Open Society Foundations

For decades, hundreds of projects have been initiated and funded by the Open Society Foundations (OSF) to establish more tolerant communities and transparent, democratic governments around the world. The OSF has built a strong presence in almost every area in the world, working on almost all conceivable human rights issues, from ethnic rights to public health and justice. Known as one of the most important foundations, the OSF routinely hires early career professionals such as legal assistants, communication officers, project assistants and others who, after only a few years of relevant work experience, will join the foundations.  The OSF also assists early career professionals who share its ideals through fellowships in addition to jobs. Fellowships may involve working in one of the foreign offices on a project of their own or a paid placement.

10- Freedom House

Freedom House hires human rights experts both internationally, as one of the world’s most prominent organizations promoting democratic principles and reform,  In its offices in New York or Washington, DC, and abroad, in countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ukraine. Interested applicants may serve as Managers, Monitoring and Assessment Specialists, Proposal Coordinators, or Program Associates in different ways to help the organization’s work. For example, entry level roles such as Project Assistant require the employee to have a Bachelor’s degree and two years of applicable job experience that are desirable. Freedom House also advertises positions that require even less work experience, such as the position of Proposal Coordinator, for which a minimum of six months of relevant work experience would be appropriate. On the jobs board of Freedom House, domestic and foreign early career prospects are advertised.

If you are interested to find Entry Level and other professional jobs with the above Top 10 International NGOs please visit NGO Jobs Website.

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