To Get A Job in the United Nations, UNDP or NGOs

Tips on How To Get A Job in the United Nations, UNDP or NGOs!

By 07 May, 2021 Career Tips

How to get a job in the United Nations, UNDP or NGOs?

I’ve had a lot of requests to share experiences on how to get hired at a UN office or an NGO. As a result, I am writing this Article and i hope the tips i am giving will help you on How to get a job with United Nations or an NGO. If you Apply the tips correctly, Then be sure that you will find your Next UN or NGO job in the coming weeks or months.

You should be aware from the start that this process will take a long time to complete. Almost all non-governmental organizations, but particularly the United Nations, are bureaucratic organizations, so be prepared.

1- Personal Expreience 1: How to find and get get a job in the United nations, UNDP or NGOs?

So, first and foremost, you should begin looking for a job (open position). You may go to the UN’s or UNDP’s official websites, but they are ineffective. I’ll tell you why. There are mostly jobs for professionals with experience on the UN website. Almost all UN vacancies with permanent contracts are listed on the official website (Letters P-2, P-3 and so on indicate this). Obtaining such positions is a complex and time-consuming to do. You can’t imagine how many people apply for such jobs at the United Nations. For example, 700 people were shortlisted for the position of security officer, but 3000 people applied for it. Why are there so many? Since these permanent positions allow you to continue working for the UN even after your country’s UN mission has closed. You’ll keep your job and move to another UN office. You also contribute to the UN pension fund, UN insurance, and other UN-related programs.

As a result, it is preferable to use since we post job openings for foreign and local workers not only at the UN, but also at other NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, NRC, EU, Save the DRC, Save the Children, and others. It is preferable to apply for positions for locals in your country if you are a novice with no experience or a lack of NGOs. Find your jobs positions in Afghanistan on the main page at Here is also another website where you can find UN Jobs worldwide

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After this, read carefully job description. Especial formal criteria like these:

  1. Job Description
  2. Taks and Reponsibilities
  3. Locations
  4. Requirements
  5. How to Apply


2- Personal Expreience 2: Candidate Selection Process in the United nations, UNDP and NGOs.

After reading the first part of this Article i am sure now you know how to find out about the opening vacancies with the United Nations, UNDP and NGOs worldwide. If you are from the EU or the US, you might be eligible for an exemption. In this situation, you will apply for “seconded” positions with EU missions, the OSCE, and other foreign NGOs. It means that your Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or a similar state agency) has the authority to appoint you to such a position. So you find a suitable job position.


3- How to Apply for a Job with the United nations, UNDP and NGOs?

In order to apply for a vacancy please make sure that you meet all the requirements or relevant requirement for the job advertised by the United Nations, UNDP or NGOs. the next step is to Apply according to the Submission guidelines of the Job. To apply for a job with the UN or an NGO usually qualified candidates are requested to submit the following:

The P11 Form is a huge form with all information about you and your previous jobs and educational experience, family status etc. The same types of form have all reliable international NGO or governmental agencies, like OSCE,  The World Bank and many more.

Tips How to Apply for a Job with the United nations, UNDP and NGOs.

Remember to print and sign this form, scan and append it to your online application, or send it to the email address mentioned in the job description. The disadvantage is that various UN agencies have slightly different versions of this type. In this scenario, you can repeatedly fill out a new form.

Some other Useful Tips

As I previously said, the UN and NGOs HR process is lengthy and complex. Do not be afraid to apply for several positions within a single UN organization. To continue in my previous UNDP role for one year when applying for ten different positions that were ideal for me. You never know when you’ll be fortunate enough to be invited to an interview.

The good thing! If you meet all the Education, Job experience and other requirements that are mentioned in the job annoucement than ofcourse there is a high chance that you will be shortlisted for an Interview and here you can find the Most asked interview questions and answer at the United Nations and NGOs.


3- What does it take to get a job at the UN or an NGO?

  1. Usually For a job with the UN, you usually need Bachelor’s or a master’s degree from a reputable university.
  2. Since English and French are the most commonly used working languages, excellent command of one of these languages is needed.
  3. Knowledge of a second language is advantageous, but it is not needed for the majority of jobs.
  4. Ofcourse The most important component is, without a doubt is having previous work experience.
  5. Applicants may apply for various work categories based on their previous professional experience. P-1 jobs don’t need any prior work experience, but they’re hard to come by. P-2 positions require a minimum of 2 years of work experience, P-3 positions require a minimum of 5 years, P-4 positions require a minimum of 7 years, and P-5 positions require a minimum of 10 years.

Finally, I hope this articles helps you with finding your next career with the United Nations, UNDP or an International Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). The steps and requrements i have mentioned in this article is not necessary for each single job at the UN or an NGO. It’s mentionable that some of the NGOs has their own internal policies and recruitment tools that they apply for their recruitment process and it may differ from each other.

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