What are the different NGO job categories and types?

By 06 May, 2023 NGO Jobs

Internationally, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are crucial to solving social, economic, and environmental problems. They are non-governmental groups that run autonomously and depend on donations and grants to fund their initiatives. There are various different types of professions accessible in the non-profit sector, all of which give the opportunity to positively influence society.

NGOs need a wide variety of skills and knowledge to accomplish their goals. There are NGO positions that fit your skill set, whether you’re looking to work in the field, administration, fundraising, or advocacy. Here are a few examples of the various NGO positions that are available:

1- Project Manager/Coordinator

NGOs frequently employ coordinators or project managers to oversee their projects. Project managers are in charge of organizing, carrying out, and finishing projects. They make sure that projects are finished on schedule, within budget, and in accordance with the requirements. To ensure the project’s success, they must also coordinate with many stakeholders, such as communities, NGOs, and governmental organizations. Together with project managers, project coordinators assist in managing smaller projects or particular facets of bigger ones.

2- Program Officer/Manager

A variety of programs offered by the NGO must be managed and coordinated by program officers or managers. To develop and put into action programs that achieve the goals of the organization, they collaborate closely with the project managers and other staff members. Assuring that the programs are in line with the NGO’s mission and core values requires that program officers/managers monitor, assess, and make modifications as needed.

3- Fundraiser

Since they are in charge of obtaining financing for the organization, fundraisers are crucial to NGO operations. They choose possible contributors and create fundraising plans. In order to support the activities of the organization, they are also in charge of fostering relationships with donors and obtaining grants and other sources of finance. Organising activities to increase support and funding for the NGO’s cause may also fall under the purview of fundraisers.

4- Advocacy Officer/Manager

The purpose and values of the NGO are promoted by advocacy officers and managers to the general public, decision-makers, and other stakeholders. To spread the organization’s message, they create advocacy tactics, lobby government representatives, and interact with the media. In order to increase awareness and rally support for the NGO’s cause, advocacy officers and managers also plan campaigns and events.

5- Communications Officer/Manager

NGOs must successfully interact with all of its constituents, including donors, the general public, and the communities they serve. The development and implementation of communication strategies that aid the organization in connecting with its audience is the responsibility of communications officers and managers. To spread the word about the NGO’s objectives and operations, they provide material for websites, social media, newsletters, and other communication platforms.

6- Human Resources Officer/Manager

The management of the organization’s personnel is the responsibility of human resources officers and managers. They handle employee relations as well as hiring, training, and recruiting new employees. Additionally, human resources officers and managers make sure the company complies with applicable laws and regulations governing employment and create policies and practices that promote the welfare of the company’s employees.

7- Finance Officer/Manager

To maintain the viability of their activities, NGOs must successfully manage their funds. The management of the organization’s finances, including accounting, financial planning, and budgeting, is the responsibility of the finance officers and managers. They make sure the business follows financial standards and stays within its budget.

8- Field Worker

NGOs frequently employ field personnel to carry out their initiatives and activities locally. In order to support and carry out the NGO’s goals, field staff members work closely with the communities the organization supports. They could also carry out research, gather information, and provide the management of the company feedback.



NGOs offer a wide range of job opportunities for people with different skill sets and backgrounds. Whether you’re interested in project management, communications, fundraising, or advocacy other field, even there are some NGO which are working on the Medical fields and are always looking for medical professionals worldwide.

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