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Sanayee Development Organization (SDO) is an Afghan development NGO, established in 1990 in Peshawar – Pakistan, to serve Afghan refugees in that area. SDO takes its name from Hazrat Abu-ul-Majad Majdod Ibn-e-Adam, well known as Hazrat Hakeem Sanayee, (1088 – 1166 A.D), one of Afghanistan’s most outstanding poets.

In 2002, SDO expanded its services and relocated to Kabul – Afghanistan, with the mission to contribute to the emergence of a peaceful, developed and self-sustaining Afghan society through the provision of services to vulnerable and disadvantaged people in remote and underserved rural areas of Afghanistan in the sectors of Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Health, Education and Community Development.

Over time, SDO has established an extensive field presence and has implemented projects in 22 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Today, SDO continues to operate in nine provinces in the northern, western, eastern and southern regions of the country. In all its works, SDO applies a participatory, community-based approach to development, working with community-based organizations, as well as relevant sub-national government bodies.

SDO is an active member of major civil society networks at national, regional and international levels.

SDO is the BPHS implementer in three provinces and EPHS implementer in one province and looking for qualified person to be responsible for financial activities of Kabul BPHS.

This project is part of COVID-19 Relief Effort for Afghan Communities & Households Project (REACH).The project key components are technical assistance, mentoring to, and monitoring of the ad-hoc COVID-19 Gozar Councils (GCs) in beneficiary selection, community procurement of the relief packages and accounting for the same, and for verifying and reporting on actual distribution of the relief package.

SDO has been the facilitating partner of Kabul Municipality for the implementation of Dasterkhwan-e-Meli in Zone of Kabul city. SDO is in the process to hire one Female GRM Officer for its project in District 05 of Kabul city to managing the implementation of Complaint Response Mechanism (Grievance Redress Mechanism) to receive, manage and timely provide feedback to the established Complaint and Feedback Mechanism so that communities complaints pertaining to fair selection of vulnerable households, distribution of the relief package in District 05 of Kabul city over the course of project implementation.

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