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Nejat Center” Social Development, Drug Rehabilitation and medical services has been established in June 1991 in Peshawar, Pakistan. Nejat Center are running the community rehabilitation (DIC) program supported by Caritas Germany, Hujra/Dost (Community Day-Care-Center) supported by NCA (Norwegian Church Aid). A Community home base treatment for women (20 women each month) at Faryab Andkhoi district operating with the financial support of NCA. The other major project under the name of “prevention of illicit drug use and treatment of drug use disorder for Adolescents at risk (GLOK42)” in Kabul, Nangarhar and Balkh provinces are being implemented by Nejat Center. The mention project was supported by UNODC from June 2012 up to November 2013 from November 2013 onwards the Colombo Plan take the lead to support this project.

The Nejat Center mission to Rehabilitation, Social Welfare and National Skill Development, also work to build youths (Female and Male) capacity through vocational programs in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), vocational and technical, social awareness raising. The Nejat Center Rehabilitation, Social Welfare and National Skill Development, is proud to have over thousands graduates in various sectors with a successful employment most of them have gone on to become a leading self-sustaining Afghan NGO implementing quality projects in multiple sectors for both International and National Donors:

Skill development and Youth Economic Empowerment programs: Since 1991 till now, Nejat Center is implementing the youth’s Skill Development and Economic Empowerment programs in the target areas in Afghanistan, Carpet weaning, Tailoring, Handcrafts, Beauty Pallor for women, Barbary, Football Production section (ball making), Mechanic, Making Ball, Auto Care Workshop, Cookery Carpenters, Embroidery, Computer learning training and Literacy learning and Economy Empowerment programs.

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution: Nejat Center’s implementing peace building & and Conflict resolution, human rights, gender equality, equity & mainstreaming awareness, conduct the awarness rising among legislative and law enforcement bodies and community elders on gender sensitive comprehensive drug and HIV/AIDS programs and reducing stigma and discrimination. (at least one meeting per quarter) and peace building at the family level in the target areas.

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