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Khana-e-Noor opened its campus doors more than a decade ago after privately-owned sectors were given permission and license to operate in educational sections to satisfy the increasing interest in parenting children, And over the years , interest in the KEN education model has steadily increased, resulting in the establishment of campuses in both Afghanistan’s Kabul and Balkh provinces. We have more than 6,000 students from all over the world today attending KEN schools in Afghanistan. We are the only leading educational network of schools and universities operating in Afghanistan with staff from over 25 provinces across Afghanistan. The features of KEN, a few unique elements of education that really help form your child into a bilingual, multicultural, and globally minded adult. Our Cambridge-National mixed curriculum along with co-curricular activities are among the highlighted plus-points that have earned popularity and reliability for KEN over its history. We promote bilingualism by placing expert and experienced teachers for all the 4 languages are practiced in our curriculum. It is our expectation that all of our students will emerge in leadership positions across 21st-century society. Afghanistan’s Khana-e-Noor Educational Network offers a religiously inclusive, intensive and state-of-the-art education system for students From pre-school to grade 12 at school level and then to university-level bachelor programs for four years. This is committed to educating each student, in a culturally diverse world, mentally, aesthetically, physically and spiritually. Driven by the values of truth, simplicity and peaceful conflict resolution; Afghanistan’s Khana-e-Noor Educational Network provides each student with a demanding educational environment that develops academic skills and ethical and social values to promote a successful life of leadership and service to the community and to all humanity at large.

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