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    IDLG was established on 30 August 2007 by Presidential decree, transferring the responsibilities of the Civil Administration division of the Ministry of the Interior to a new independent directorate. The Presidential decree also transferred the responsibility for supporting Provincial Councils to IDLG, creating a single structure responsible for sub‐national governance in Afghanistan.

    IDLG therefore has direct management responsibility of Tashkeel staff working in sub‐national governance institutions such as Provincial and District Governors’ Offices, Provincial and District Municipalities, and Provincial Councils (PCs).

    IDLG’s vision is to make a difference in the lives of Afghan citizens by providing them good governance.

    IDLG’s mission is consolidating peace and stability, achieving development and equitable economic growth and achieving improvements in service delivery through just, democratic processes and institutions of good governance at sub‐national level.

    Establishing and strengthening government institutions at sub‐national level
    Ensuring public participation in decision making

    IDLG’s Mandate:

    Improving sub‐national governance in order to achieve stability, security and development
    Providing good governance at sub‐national level

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