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    Global Partners is an international Non Government Organization (NGO) based in the United Kingdom that carries out humanitarian projects worldwide. Global Partners was formed in 1991 with the objectives of advancing education and relieving poverty.


    Global Partners has been involved in relief work in more than 20 countries around the world and has continuing development projects in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and China to identify and evaluate the greatest needs of the people we serve. Alongside local partners, we attempt to eliminate obstacles and elevate the abilities and success of communities.


    We partner with individuals to create stronger communities and more sustainable economic, health, and educational systems.


    Global Partners maintains a broad base of donors and receives funding from:

    • Government donors
    • Corporations
    • Foundations
    • Charitable groups
    • Businesses
    • Private individuals

    Global Partners never solicits funds from countries in which Global Partners is working.  Global Partners (UK) is a registered British charity (1009755) and welcomes funding from all sources, provided such funding falls within the stated objectives of advancing education and relieving poverty.


    Global Partners works in the areas of community development, education and training, health improvement, emergency relief, and refugee assistance.

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