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Cordaid Cordaid is an international NGO with a triple nexus connecting humanitarian, growth and peacebuilding activities. Its goal is to work in and against fragility’ and since 2001, it has been involved in Afghanistan, aiming at a secure and peaceful region. We work in five thematic areas: health, humanitarian aid, resilience, private sector development, and security & justice. In addition, we have a lobby & advocacy programme that supports our work in these thematic areas, including women, peace, and security. We also have a social contract programme that focuses on the extractives industry. Cordaid’s goal is to minimize fragility and the insecurity of individuals where it is most needed and most difficult, operating in some of the world’s most demanding environments and motivated by compassion, solidarity and subsidiarity. We recognize that the overriding challenge in fragile and (post-)conflict countries is restoring trust and social cohesion at the community level between communities and the state. This is what Cordaid does right in the heart of communities by mobilizing global networks, resources and knowledge. We help people move beyond survival and live in dignity by doing this. By fostering equity and social inclusion, by increasing the resilience of individuals and communities and by improving the social contract between people and their governments, Cordaid does this. Context Information – Afghanistan Country Office Investing in stability, security and national reconciliation in vulnerable and conflict-affected communities (FCAS) is the basis for reviving economies. Cordaid aims to promote local private sector development by supporting small and medium-size enterprises with coaching and training, to increase income and employment opportunities for youth, and to contribute to a strengthened and more accountable financial sector.

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