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Work with co-operative attitude and keep a high standard of quality
Develop spirit of co-operation and understanding among members of the organization.
Follow SAF’s established policies, procedures and objectives; continuous quality improvement initiative works/ performance

B- Specific Activities


Establishing appropriate system to implement the TSFP project activities in partnership with communities and provincial health authorities
To work with cooperative attitude to keep the link and integrate the TSFP Nutrition activities with BPHS activities in accordance to the national standards at health facility, district and province level
To develop short-term implementation plans (weekly and monthly) according to project work plan.
To conduct trainings for project related staff base on project training plan, and provide on the job trainings for related staff (BPHS health facilities staff and community health workers (CHW).
Conducting supervision and monitoring of the project activities and giving feedbacks, to ensure smooth implementation of TSFP project in the province
To report any technical and non-technical problem within the project implementation and make logical suggestion for the improvement of the program
To take part in program monitoring, evaluation and surveys
To attend meetings related to the TSFP project in the provincial level
To implement decisions made in the meeting in coordination with other departments.
To ensure regular supervision of the health facilities and health posts based on the project needs through development of supervision plans.
To collect valid activity data of the project on weekly and monthly basis to prepare monthly and quarterly reports
To coordinate the project activities with stakeholders at field level (district governors, community Shura and NGOs providing health services in the catchments area – BPHS implementers)
To assist implementation of national policies, strategies and protocols related to nutrition
To develop and maintain relation with provincial nutrition referral centers, BPHS health facilities and communities

To do whatever related job delegated by the TSFP coordinator

Job Requirements:

1. To Have MD degree or Midlevel health worker graduated from a well-known institute

2. To have at least two years of work experience in implementation of nutrition program

3. Knowledge of English and local languages and basic computer skill

4. Interpersonal and managerial and conflict resolution skills

5. Communication skills and knowledge of local communities

6. Negotiation skills in multicultural and multilingual environment self motivated

How to Apply:

Interested Applicants are requested to submit a cover letter and detailed CV, through e-mail address (, indicating on the subject line the title of the position and vacancy number (SAF-Jan-001 TSFP Supervisor).

Please note that applications received after the closing date will not be given consideration. Only shortlisted candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted for test/interview

NOTE: Please DO NOT send your education documents with your CV

توجه: متقاضیان باید یک کاپی از خلص سوانح همراه با شماره و پست را به ایمیل ذیل ارسال نمایند. (

نوت: بعد از تاریخ ختم اعلان ایمل به کاندید های ارسال میگردد که شامل شارت لیست می باشند.

اسناد تحصیلی خود را درج ایمیل نسازید!

لطفاً در سبجکت ایمیل نام و کود اعلان را ذکر نمایید و در غیر آن شامل پروسه استخدام نمیشوید

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