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What is an Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and Full Form of NGO?

When most people hear the term NGO, they wonder “What is the NGO Full Form?”. In this article, we will discuss everything about Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in more detail covering below:

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What is the NGO full form?

NGO Full Form is (Non-Governmental Organization) and it is a term that refers to an organization that is not affiliated with the government or a political party.

What is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)?

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a non-profit organization that operates independently of any government or political party.
NGOs, often known as civil societies, are community, national, and worldwide organizations that work to achieve a social or political purpose, such as humanitarian reasons or environmental protection.

Key Points to know about NGOs:

  • Non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, play a significant role in international development, humanitarian aid, and philanthropy.
  • NGOs are non-profit by definition, although their annual budgets can range from millions to billions of dollars.
  • As a result, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) rely on a variety of financial sources, ranging from individual donations and membership dues to government assistance.

More About NGOs

While the term “NGO” is used in a variety of ways, it is generally understood to refer to non-profit, private groups that operate independently of the government. Some NGOs are entirely staffed by volunteers, while others have paid personnel.

The World Bank divides NGOs into two categories:

  1. Operational non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

    that focus on the design and implementation of development programs or projects.
  2. Advocacy NGOs

    which aims to influence public policy by defending or promoting a certain cause.

Some NGOs may fall into both categories at the same time. NGOs that support human rights, lobby for better health, or encourage political engagement are examples of NGOs.

How are NGOs funded?

As Non-Profits, NGO’s rely on a range of financing sources including:

  • membership dues
  • private donations
  • the sale of goods and services
  • grants

Despite their independence from governments, certain non-governmental organizations (NGOs) rely extensively on government support. Budgets for large NGOs can range from millions to billions of dollars.

Types of NGOs.

There are several variations on the NGO acronym, including:


 is an international non-governmental organization. The Council of Europe’s Conference of INGOs, for example, has over 300 participant INGOs.


This is a disparaging term for a government-organized non-governmental organization. According to Foreign Policy, GONGOs are government-backed non-governmental organizations (NGOs) formed to advocate on favor of a repressive state in the international arena.


A pejorative British, A quasi-autonomous non-governmental organization (quango) that receives funds from the government is referred to as a quango. The government appoints the company’s top executives. Quangos are considered as useless and are frequently staffed by quangocrats, according to a Financial Times opinion piece.


An environmental non-governmental organization, such as Greenpeace or the World Wildlife Fund. In addition to working for the environment, both organizations operate abroad. NGOs are a common abbreviation for non-governmental organizations. expects writers to rely on primary sources to back up their claims. White documents, government statistics, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts are among them. Where applicable, we also cite original research from other credible publishers. In our editorial policy, you can find out more about the criteria we use to create accurate, balanced material.

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