Job Description:

Assist VEER team in the design , production and implementation of freelance-based research and studies. In addition, design and build and maintain sophisticated database structures and systems that enable data collection effectively and efficiently. Provide feedback and analysis for project(s) of multifocused research and studies.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee all projects simultaneously, tracking and guiding to complete on time and within budget
  • Take the lead in the management and execution of research projects, from reach through to methodology and report writing, including client relationship management and development
  • Develop or assist in the creation of instruments for data collection
  • Work with senior managers and executives to obtain new jobs from current and prospective clients and proactively find potential business opportunities in both consulting services and policy markets;
  • Perform quality control and various data sources integration for academic studies, student initiatives and administrative needs
  • Conduct multivariate statistical analyses using standard and advanced statistical techniques
  • Produce informative research reports with detailed recommendations to help the customers while making their decisions;
  • Prepare or assist in recording, publishing and/or presentation of results
  • Ensure research into new and existing processes, devices, technologies, materials and techniques
  • Review the research that others have done and what outcomes they have achieved to inform decision making process to decide direction to take
  • Study experiments designed to test and prove ideas
  • Analyze data provided from tests and experiments and progress learning to gather knowledge and understanding of the subject of research. Using to tell decision-making to determine what path to take
  • Review results and continue to grow to the delivery point needed to move towards mainstream engineering
  • Compare and contrast different approaches, methodologies, materials to develop the best outcome
  • Assess and collect technical information
  • Understand markets, trends and market analysis to appropriately decide what research needs to be developed
  • Contribute with customers and key influencers to establishing and profiling our research expertise;
  •  Assess technical risks and mitigation plan
Job Requirements:
  • Master’s degree in research, studies, economics, electric engineering or related field required.
  • 10 years of relevant experience (research design, data collection, data analysis and conduction of researches/studies and surveys).
  • Excellent English Language and communication skills.
  • Extensive and proven experience in field of research
  • Knowledgeable in various research and testing methodologies
  • Excellent report writing and presentation skills.
How to Apply:

Interested Afghans and international consultants with the required qualification and experience should send their applications to along with cover letter

Job Overview

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