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About Organization / Project:

AWEC is a non-political, non-profit, woman-headed national organization established in 1991 by a group of educated Afghan women in exile, who rallied together to address the lack of facilities for Afghan refugees in Islamabad and eventually Peshawar, in Pakistan. AWEC has always been involved in advocacy and awareness-raising for women and children’s rights while providing services to those who frequently fall through safety nets. In recent years, one of AWEC’s core activities has been to support women through mobilizing Afghans, from local communities to political elites, towards the goal of reducing and eventually eliminating violence against women.

Our vision in AWEC is “an inclusive and just society with sensitized and responsive public and private sector, where all women and children have access to opportunities to improve their quality of life in order to realize their full potential”.

Job Description:

لایحه وظایف

د پروژې محاسب (مالی) دنده به د خوست په ولایت کې میشت وي، سر بیره نوموړي/ې به د خوست دفتر لپاره د مالی ټولې چارې په غاړه لري. د نوموړی/ۍ اصلي دنده او مسولیت په لاندی ډول ده.

د پروګرام له کارمندانو سره په همغږۍ د خوست ولایت لپاره د نغدي غوښتنې چمتو کول هره میاشت (د راتلونکې میاشتې نغدي اړتیا لپاره د روانې میاشتې په وروستۍ اونۍ کې).
د نغدو پیسو او بانک له لاری د پیسو د ترلاسه کولو او تادیې مسؤل ، همدارنګه ډاډ ترلاسه کول چې د نغدي تادیې او د بانک تادیات ټول سندونه بشپړدي.
مخکی له هرې نغدي او بانکي تادیاتو څخه ډاد ترلاسه کول ترڅو ټول غوښتونکي اسنادونه بشپړ دي.
د ټولو مالي اسنادو بیاکتنه ترڅوډاډ ترلاسه شي چې مالي اسناد د AWECدفتر د تدارکاتو د پالیسۍ سره سمون ولريې او هم د ډونر د غوښتنې سره سم وي.
د اړتیا په صورت کې د تدارکاتو او خریدارۍ  په پروسه کې برخه اخيستل او ډاډ ترلاسه کول چې د تدارکاتو پروسه په منظمه توګه ترسره شوۍ ده.
د مالي سندونو بیاکتنه تر څو ډاډ ترلاسه شي چې د بودیجې ځانګړې حساب او نور کوډونه او د حساب ورکونې د اویک له   چارټ سره برار وي.
په ورځنۍ  توګه د بانکي او نغدي معاملو په مالي کتابونو کې ثبتول.
د اویک مرکزې دفتر ته په اونۍ کې د نغدي او بانکي کتابونو د اسنادو سافت/اصلي کاپي چمتو  کول.
دغوښتني سره سم ورځنۍ او اونيزه مالي حسابونه جوړول.
د آویک دفتر د خریدارۍ او مالي پالیسیو له تطبیق څخه په تولو راکړه ورکړه کې ځان ډاډمن کول.
له خوست دفتر څخه مرکزي دفتر ته د مالي میاشتنی راپور جوړول.
د مالي مربوط ټول اسناد په میاشتنی توګه د اویک مرکزي دفتر ته سپارل.

او نور هغه اړوند کارونه چې د مربوطه مشر/آمر له لوري سپارل کیږي ترسره کول

Duties & Responsibilities:

The project accountant Duty Location is Khost Province and will be responsible for all accounting activity of Khost province and her/his main responsibility will be and not limited to:

Prepare cash request for Khost Province in coordination with Program Staff monthly (Last week of ongoing month for cash need of next month)
Responsible for receiving and paying cash and bank, and make sure the cash payment and bank payment vouchers are supported by required documents
Make sure before cash and bank payments that, all required supporting documents are completely supported with payment voucher
Review of all financial documents to make sure the financial documents meet the AWEC procurement policy and donor requirement as well
Participate in procurement process as required and make sure procurement process is accurate
Review of financial documents and make sure the budget lines and other codes are agree with budget lines and AWEC chart of account as well
Record transactions in both cash and bank book daily
Provide soft copy of cash and bank books weekly to AWEC head office
Conduct daily & weekly cash count as required
Responsible to make sure AWEC Finance and Procurement policy is implemented accurately
Provide KHOST monthly financial report to AWEC head office as scheduled
Provide or send financial documents monthly and timely to AWEC head office
Any other task is given by your supervisor

Job Requirements:


Bachelor Degree, BA in Accounting & Management, Economics and other is preferred

Experience& Skills: 

At least 2 to 4 years work experience in relevant field
Fluent in Dari, Pashto and English, written and spoken
Computer skill in MS. Office packages,
Familiar with planning, and prioritizing tasks
Honest, active and well mannered

Strong Interpersonal & communication skills

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are requested to send their applications along with their CVs to the attention of following address


Kindly mention vacancy number and position title in your email's subject line, otherwise you won't be shortlisted. All shortlisted candidates will be directly contacted for test/Interview.

“Being committed to diversity & equal employment opportunity we highly encourage females & people living with disabilities to apply,  all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to ethnicity, language, religious sect.”

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