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WASH Engineer: is responsible for overall Survey, design, implementation, monitoring of solar powered water network construction projects in the Kabul province. She/He will be also responsible for providing technical support to the field team to ensure all construction work of project infrastructures are done according to the design and drawings and have smooth progress as per project timeline and requirement and timely reporting on progress.

Job Requirements:

Technical Tasks

  • In close collaboration with the Provincial RRD ensure the details of the BoQs and drawings are  finalized and stamped.
  • Together with village Shura conduct community consultation meetings in each target community to verify the locations for water infrastructure. Women Shura will conduct separate meetings with women in the village to ensure that the selection of site fits women’s needs and can be easily and safely accessed by women. The final decision on selection should include women’s feedback and women Shura agreement.
  • Performing the water quality testing for each water source identified for construction.
  • Final community selection subject to passing pre-construction water quality test for key parameters.
  • Create the construction work plans and schedule for each location and type of intervention.
  • Ensure all facilities rehabilitated/constructed are gender and disability inclusive (safe, provide for privacy, easily accessible and usable for both women and men, children and persons with disability).


Quality Control and supervision

  • Conduct training on water system maintenance for members of water management groups from the targeted locations. 2 members of each group will receive training on maintenance.
  • Develop the tendering documents (TOR for Construction Company) and ensure that other requirements and guidelines by the local government are adhered.
  • Prepare precise implementation plans for construction works.
  • Ensure all required resources for every single construction project at community level are well estimated and planned for procurement.
  • Ensure quality control within construction/rehabilitation work by providing necessary on the job training for skilled labour.
  • Develop all necessary monitoring and supervision tools used for construction & rehabilitation projects.
  • Ensure quality implementation of construction works with respect of specifications and timeline of implementation.
  • Check the quality of the materials provided by the construction company and make sure all materials are new and free of defects and in good condition and the final product, materials and construction meet the minimum standards as described in the subcontract documents and technical specifications.
  • Ensure that water, sanitation and hygiene program is fully and timely implemented in accordance with community needs and standards in the project-targeted areas.


Reporting planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Review and confirm the payment claims made by the construction company and assess the work executed for the release of contractor’s payment
  • Other necessary inputs concerning construction activities.
  • Coordinate joint monitoring visits with DRRD.
  • Providing good quality monthly progress reports of the construction works.
  • Prepare & process completion report by end of each infrastructure completion.
  • Prepare & process infrastructure hand over documents with community and line governmental departments in Kabul province.
  • Monitor and provide inputs in procuring construction materials.
  • Proper documentation of project technical documents such as drawings, BoQs, Specifications, completion report, hand over forms etc.
  • Ensure safety of materials and equipment during construction work.
  • Liaise with Project Manager & other relevant technical staff on progress of construction/rehabilitation works.
  • Monitor/supervise construction work in the field and ensure they meet the project objectives in terms of quality of work and within the agreed timelines.


Capacity building of community structures

  • Ensure establishment of water management committee (WMC) per each village for project sustainability and proper operation & maintenance of infrastructure ensuring that women’s representation is considered.
  • Ensure that WMC get enough on site practical training during construction phases of work in order to get technical orientation of all constructed parts.


How to Apply:

Interested Afghan National Candidates should submit their applications via e-mail, indicating on the SUBJECT line the title,  and vacancy number of the position (WASH Engineer) as applied for to

Please note that applications received after the closing date will not be given consideration. Only short-listed candidates whose applications respond to the above criteria will be contacted for interview.


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