The Assignment:
Cordaid directly implements the component “Business Acceleration” through coherent BDS subset of supports and technical assistance throughout a scope assessment and (M)SME’s agreement by its own supervision and resources at the Cordaid Enterprise Academy. As the role of effective business support is undeniable for private sector and sustainable business enabling environment, Cordaid is looking for motivated consultants in different fields of expertise of business development to join Cordaid’s consultancy database. The Consultants/Experts will closely work with selected (M)SMEs and support them in their endeavors to enhance, professionalize and grow more their business.
Upon successful completion of the recruitment phase (test, case study and interview), the consultant will join Cordaid’s Consultancy Database and will be selected upon the needs of the (M)SMEs. The consultant will be kept in the database for the project duration. Cordaid, the consultant and the (M)SME will determine the deliverables of each consultancy assignment jointly. Each assignment has a maximum duration of three months.
At this moment, Cordaid is looking for experts/specialists in Kandahar province in the following areas:
• Financial management and bookkeeping
• Business hub development knowledge
• Product development
• Marketing and sales expert
• Product management
• Innovations and Technology application
• Business planning/Strategic planning
• Value Chain Development / Supply Chain management (fresh fruits, dried fruits, light manufacturing, food processing);
• Operations and business practices;
After determination of the consultancy assignment, the (M)SME, consultant and Cordaid will jointly develop an action plan with clear deliverables. In general terms the responsibilities of the consultant are as followed:
• Analyze overall (M)SME operations, trends and business plan to work mutually to find out improved ways and system for better business operations.
• With consideration of SCOPE assessment of the business, provide technical support and coaching to ensure positive and pragmatic changes results in sale’s increment and jobs creations.
• Comprehensive and mutually aligned cooperation to genuinely solve business bottlenecks with clear outcomes.
• Assist the business owner and staff with the implementation of the improved practices/systems and better ways of working to maximize profitability.
• Frequent support owner and business executives to feasibly develop a business plan, Expansion plan considering business resources and opportunities.
• Assess the business from different angles using standard formulas, SWOT analysis, SMART, accounting equations, cost and benefit analysis, cost-cutting measurements, competitive analysis and etc to provide a clear picture of the current situation of the business to investors, owner and Banks/MFIs.
• On the job training and coaching for the key staff to ensure familiarity with the new ways of working;
• Assist (M)SMEs to build financial and business development plans to seek access to finance scheme for the purpose of business expansions.
• Review and amend business plans of (M)SMEs with a clear outlook, objectives and timely action-plans to be followed by the owner of businesses.


Job Requirements:

(Preferred) Master’s or higher degree in Economics, Business Administration or Management, accountancy, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management or a related field and at least 3 years of work experience.
(Minimum) Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business Administration or Management, accountancy, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management or a related field and at least 5 years of work relevant experience.
Achievement-oriented, flexible and capable of working in a stressful context;
Good oral and written communication skills in English language;
Good oral and written communication skills in Dari and Pashto language;
Profound experience in working with (M)SMEs;
Ability to analyze and develop sustainable and suitable solutions for (M)SMEs;
Driver’s license and an own car, or other means of transportation to reach to the clients;

How to Apply:

Qualified candidates are requested to follow the below link and complete the form by answering basic questions about their education and experiences.

Consultants are requested to provide information about their daily fee. For consultants who mentioned that they can work on multiple locations, please bear in mind that your daily fee should also cover transportation, accommodation and other related costs.

This is an online application submission. Please do not include and or send your resume:

The closing date of this announcement is 1st August 2021 (11:59 pm Afghanistan time)

Interested candidates will agree to accept the Code of Conduct of Cordaid at all times of the assignment.

Only the shortlisted applicants will receive emails/calls.

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