About Organization or Project:

Khana-e-Noor, founded in 2009 as a modern academic institution with the goal of promoting interdisciplinary higher education and research with particular focus on high-quality, efficient learning and state-of - the-art facilities; The institute is making significant progress toward emerging as the country's leading private educational institution. Some of KNU's distinguishing features include outstanding teaching and research standards, well trained faculty members, Good administrative operation, a welcoming learning atmosphere, pulsating campus life, national and international collaborations, prompt review and accurate recording of outcomes, a community-service approach and particular focus on creating opportunities for rural students and women students.

Job Description and Purpose:

General Objective: The Vice Chancellor for Academics is responsible for all academic and student affairs. The Vice Chancellor develops and administers the budgets of all academic departments including faculties, the Library, Registration, Admissions, Student Affairs and continuing education programs. The Vice Chancellor oversees and leads the national accreditation process and academic policy and priorities, establishes standards for the quality of the student body, and maintains educational excellence. In addition, the Vice Chancellor has oversight responsibility for the recruiting, hiring, retention, and performance of top lecturers and academic administrators.

This position requires intellect, thoughtfulness, diplomacy, discretion, the ability to work effectively with others in all aspects and at all levels of the university, the ability to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive matters and the academic integrity.

Job Requirements:

1.Assist the Chancellor in the overall planning, organizing, and controlling of the academic program areas.

2.Oversee academic planning, academic program review, and curriculum development.

3. Maintain contact with all departments of the University and with external entities such as the Ministry of Higher Education.

4. Supervise the HoD’s of all faculties and the examination office, library, and quality assurance office in evaluating and approving their recommendations for faculties operations.

5. Supervise budget preparation for the academic and academic-related programs, allocation and resources to and from these programs.

6. Provide leadership in creating and maintaining academic standards and policies.

7. Plan, develop, organize, direct and evaluate academic programs, policies, procedures and guidelines.

8. Provide overall leadership, direction and control in all academic areas.

9. Direct faculties - administrators in the evaluation and review of academic programs and curriculum development.

10. Implement board policies and procedures relating to academic programs; exercising judgment in determining the means, methods and resources necessary to achieve academic goals and objectives.

11. Perform the duties related to chancellor in his absence.

12. Enrich the curriculum for various faculties and shall research and develop curriculum for new programs as needed.

13. Lead and organize all internal academic meetings.

14. Deal and listen to Academic problems of students with care and take immediate steps for their solutions.

15. Organize seminars, workshops, speech programs and any other such steps for capacity building of lecturers and students.

16. Strengthen the research center in University and making the lecturers and students engage with research programs.

17. Evaluate both the students and lecturers in the beginning, middle and end of semester.

18. Define and administers university standards for faculty peer evaluation and screening candidates for appointment, promotion and tenure.

19. Coordinate with the accreditation officer of IACBE, the commission that accredits the university.

20    The employee will also take 10-13 lectures per week and each lecture is of 90 minutes duration.

21 Any other tasks delegated by the Chancellor.

How to Apply:

Interested Candidates shall send their detailed CV with a Cover letter mentioning the post "applied for" and Vacancy number in the Subject line no later than 26 April,2020. The interview process will begin as we receive applications and will continue until the position is filled.
Email address: hr@khana-e-noor.edu.af and take in CC the following emails id as well- education.director@ken.edu.af

Note: CVs received without mentioning the post and vacancy number will not be considered. Only those candidates shall be shortlisted for interview who fulfill the above mentioned requirements

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