Career Development Plan in 2020

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Career development planning improves a person’s performance, and with a careful work plan, one can become more and more aware of one’s progress. One of the best motivations for anyone to keep working is to be aware of their progress, which unfortunately sometimes gets them so busy that they forget what progress they have made.

Career planning and progress

One of the goals of people in any job is to achieve success and career advancement that requires a lot of effort. Taking steps to achieve career advancement, such as having a plan and schedule, timing, increasing job skills, studying and getting advice from successful people, can be very helpful.

Of course, everyone who has been successful in the community, especially in their job, has carefully planned their experiences, knowledge, and career opportunities. Because without proper and principled planning, the path will continue to be more difficult, and as a result, success and progress will be less. In simpler terms, not having a plan in any business is like not having a plan to build a building.

What should planning for career advancement include?

1. Set realistic goals

Having a goal and setting short-term and long-term goals is one of the most important tasks in career planning for career advancement, because without a goal we cannot have a clear assessment of our performance and career progress. Plan from now on to reach where you want to be in 10 years, because smaller goals can get you closer to the main goal.

The goals set should be realistic, accessible, measurable, and timed, as they are your roadmap. Once the goals are clear, you can easily measure your progress in your job after reaching each of the set goals.

When setting goals, pay attention to the skills, talents, and facilities available to you, and do not set unrealistic goals for yourself, because if you do not achieve these goals, you will be frustrated and frustrated with your job.

2. The role of time control and management in career advancement

Controlling time and how we use our time to do assigned tasks is very important in planning for career advancement. Low skills and poor time management will lead to irregular work and therefore an inefficient working day. When you can control your time, it will definitely help you focus on your work and improve your performance.

People who can’t plan carefully for their day-to-day work are more likely to suffer from stress and negative pressures that negatively affect their work outcomes. People who can manage their time and get to their work and projects on time have more time to be with their families, which in turn makes them more satisfied with their jobs and personal lives.

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 3. Gain new job skills

Acquiring new knowledge and skills in planning for career advancement is very important. New skills will help you be more creative in your work and pay more attention to issues. Gaining new skills will help you deal with problems and find new solutions to them.

According to research, people who do not seek to acquire skills and update their knowledge often stagnate in their work and see virtually no progress in their work. Trying to gain new information and awareness will increase your motivation and enthusiasm for further progress and thus help increase your job satisfaction.

Studying books related to your job and using training classes is also very helpful for career advancement, even if you do not have enough time to attend face-to-face classes and workshops, you can take advantage of online training classes.

4. Get help from the experiences of successful people

To achieve career advancement, one of the essential tasks is to communicate with colleagues and interact with experienced people. Try to get help from successful people in your job as a consultant or coach, because their experiences are very helpful in improving your job performance and finding new ways to solve job problems. You can talk to these people about your goals and ways to achieve them.

Also, more experienced and professional people will help you to be aware of your progress in your work, because they are the best evidence to measure your progress, so it is better to go to a trusted person in choosing a consultant who has a sense of competition and jealousy. They don’t have you, to give you the right judgment of your progress, otherwise they may discourage you from doing your job by giving more negative feedback.

5. Having creativity at work

Creativity is one of the most important factors in people’s success in various jobs. Creative people use new and innovative methods to solve problems to grow and develop their careers.

Because creativity enhances the quality of work, increases productivity and productivity, reduces costs, motivates the job and achieves many successes and achievements. So people looking for career advancement need to look for new ways to increase their risk.

6. Increase focus for progress

One of the best ways to increase the quality of your work and achieve your goals is to increase your focus. When you are focused on doing something, you will certainly do it in the best possible way and you can find the right solutions.

So try to increase your concentration in any way you see fit. Listening to music, calming your mind, working in a quiet, noise-free environment, and much more can help you focus.


Getting a good job is the most important desire of young people, but after reaching our desired job, we must be able to use our skills and talents to achieve career advancement, because if we do not make progress in our job, we may lose that job. Let’s give or the working conditions will be worse for us.

In order to be aware of your career advancement, you need to pay attention to the differences that have developed over time, because without considering these differences, you will not be able to properly understand your career advancement. Go back to the past, for example, what skills you had a year ago to solve problems and issues, and what skills you have now, in other words, how much more experienced you are and how much progress you have made. Sometimes looking back reminds you of your efforts to climb the ladder.

Reviews and previous goals will help you become more aware of the progress of your work and feel satisfied with achieving your goals, and move on to further goals with more steady steps.

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