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About Organization / Project:


The Divisional Head Human Resources is responsible for the procurement, placement, compensation, development and integration for the personnel of the organization. Is also responsible for adequate liaison with the related government authorities and manage the environment within which the human resources of the organization function.To oversee the Training and Development function.



  1. Responsible for the preparation of the annual Human Resources Department Budget and business plan.
  2. Responsible for the compilation of the remuneration surveys in the Market Place.
  3. Actively monitors departmental expenditures throughout the year as per budget.
  4. Develop and implement strategies to reduce costs associated with employee turnover and recruitment.


  1. Recommends annual salary increment levels to the management.
  2. Ensures that all provisions of Labor Laws are correctly applied and adhered to.
  3. Guide the Training Manager in the preparation and presentation of Training Plan, relevant training sessions etc.
  4. Takes initiative to ensure that employee cafeteria, employee lockers, employee bunkers etc.are well maintained.
  5. Hold regular meetings with all Departments are operating according to policies and procedures and the behavioral norms provided in employee handbook.
  6. Responsible for the development and career enhancement of all the employees.


  1. Responsible for maintaining all employee files, attendance records and other relevant documentation.
  2. Administration of salaries and wages.
  3. Liaison with relevant government authorities.
  4. Maintains relationships with local hotel management institute.


  1. Work as management representatives in negotiations with unions, workers committees.
  2. Acts as advisor to the General Manager on issues pertaining to labor laws, unions, employee welfare and grievances.
  3. Perform other duties as assigned.
  4. Is aware of changes in the industry as to remuneration and other Human Resources Management trends.
  5. Knowledge of the provisions of Labour laws application to the organization and their proper implementation.
  6. Recruitment of employees as per the policy of the organization which involves:
  1. Advertising the vacancies.
  2. Screening the applicants.
  3. Interviewing.
  4. Reference Checking.
  1. Arranging the induction program for the new employees.
  2. Appraisal of employees (PDR) pertaining to performance and potential so as to ensure the development of employees as per the training needs.
  3. Manage the transfer and promotion of all personnel in line with the established policies and procedures of the organization.
  4. Maintaining good employee / management relations and developing healthy, two-way communication. Encouraging employees and also enlightening them about the goal and the objectives of the management.
  5. Promoting a climate of discipline and good behavior more so as our industry relates to rendering services.
  6. Conducting enquiries and taking disciplinary action in accordance to the gravity of the misconduct.
  7. Appraising to the General Manager the climate and culture of the organization and the mass mentality, right prevailing in the organization.
  8. Human resources Developmental activities.
  9. Evaluate and report monthly on:
  1. Position available.
  2. Employee appointments, transfers and terminations.
  3. Status of hotel training programs.
  4. All training activities.
  5. Employee turnover.
Job Requirements:


You will need to be firm and organized to work in Human Resources Department. Other skills that will  help you in the job include:

  1. Good team management skills
  2. The ability to work in a team and individually
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  4. Good attention to detail
  5. The ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
  6. Good business judgment
  7. Computer skills
  8. Superior knowledge of MS Excel and other Microsoft applications
  9. Ability to learn quickly, strong self-training readiness


  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Specialization in Management
  2. Relevant experience in Managerial level
  3. Knowledge of Management system
  4. Fluency in languages e.g. English, Dari and Pashto
How to Apply:

Please submit your CV, School Certificate Bachelor degree, Master degree one picture along with two reference of previous job email, phone number and must include the job title in the subject line of your email in response to this job announcement. Only short listed candidates whose applications conform to the criteria above will be contacted for an interview.

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